contemporary Maple built-in bedroom furniture in downtown Boston
Built-in bedroom furniture makes a modestly sized Master Bedroom in a downtown high rise feel much more spacious.

Contemporary Bedroom Built-ins

Boston, Mass.

Walnut Bookcases

Brookline, Mass.

Home Office Desk and bookcases

Weston, Mass.

Gustavian inspired closet doors

Pride’s Crossing, Mass.



Each project begins with a no cost, no obligation design consultation.  Once the design and material selection have been established, a written quotation will be submitted. We never ask for more than 30% deposit up front.  After a job is confirmed, shop drawings and/or samples as needed will be submitted for your approval, prior to beginning the work.


Shop Fabrication

We strive to complete as much of the work as possible in the shop, so that the installation can be completed quickly to minimize any disruption to your home.  Your are always welcome to visit our shop and inspect the work in progress. Typically, we will send pictures of the project prior to the finishing process.  We use many finishes as appropriate to the project.  Precatalyzed lacquers for fine wood finishes as well as waterborne alkyd enamels to match your existing trim paint.  Conversion Varnishes and catalyzed Urethanes can be used where high durability is required.


We take great care to avoid making a mess in your home.  Furniture is covered in plastic sheeting, dropcloths are put down on walking paths to avoid footprints, and usually the floor in the entire work area will be completely covered with large sheets of corrugated cardboard to avoid scratching the floor.  We try to leave the area as clean or cleaner than we found it.  Most installations can be completed in a day or two. Large complex rooms such as the Walnut bookcases seen above may take a week or so to install.


 GB Woodworking, founded in 1982, is the continuation of a lifelong passion for working with wood. 
I have worked with and learned from many of the area’s top interior designers over the years and operate on the principle of making the client happy above all. This requires the skill of being able to read the person as well as the drawings, and anticipate issues that should be addressed so they aren’t left unresolved.  I still do all the design work and work hands on in the shop daily, as well as on installations. Therefore, you can rest assured that everything that comes out of my shop has had my personal attention.

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Gary Barcus